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May 31, 2010

A Prezi Guide to an Effective School - The Reflective Student, Teacher and Principal

This week I'm presenting at the "Teaching and Learning Conference" in Amphitheater SD (Tucson AZ). Next week, I will keynote at the "Rigor, Relevance and Relationships Leadership Conference" in Cyprus-Fairbank ISD (Houston TX). 

In addition to workshops on learning strategies and educational technology, I will feature a session on "Teaching, Learning and Leading in a Reflective School." This workshop is based on my 4-part blog series "A Taxonomy of Reflection: Critical Thinking For Students, Teachers, and Principals."

To visually introduce my taxonomy, I created the Prezi presentation below. Click on the arrow at the base of the Prezi to navigate. Then click "More" to view full screen or embed.  For a direct link to this Prezi click here.

Enjoy, reflect, and leave your feedback with a comment.

The Reflective School by Peter Pappas on Prezi


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Thanks to Peter, I made it through my first Prezi! You are now on my learning hero list. You do great stuff.

Glad to hear you "took the leap." Dr. Bonds told me it was very impressive. I'm looking forward to working with all the SAISD teachers this week. Be sure to bring you laptop so I can see your Prezi!

Wow. You were in my neck of the woods. Unfortunately previous travel plans did not allow me to attend this conference.

Oh yeah....FYI...Cypress-Fairbanks...not Cyprus.

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